Friday, 12 September 2008

Do vegetarians perform oral sex?

I am a wicked vegetarian who approaches with seriousness and commitment to this practice. I don't eat any animal product. I don't wear leather clothes and I don't buy crocodile bags or wallets.

But I love oral sex! And suddenly, one day I've realized that what I do is not, well, vegetarian. Aside from vitamins C and B12, important minerals like Ca, Mg, Zn, a man's sperm contains two sweet substances (sorbitol and fructose) and lots of proteins.

When I told that to my man, Jeremy, he was shocked. We regularly engaged in this sexual practice and now- Voila!- such a surprise. But once it's against my principles, what else to do?

We have found the right solution. I do perform oral sex on my spouse but I don't swallow it. And that's enjoyable and brings me happiness!

Vegetarians can do oral sex every time they want with the condition that none of the drops of semen will enter their mouth. So, be more ingenious and savor his rod with aroused appetite and delight!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Real pleasure for everyone

For men who want to have sex but he has no partner, there are sex dolls and realistic vaginas.

There is a wide choice of sex dolls and pocket pussies: love dolls which stimulate penis, vibrating pussies and penis pumps. Realistic vaginas and masturbators are made of soft materials which feel like natural privates.

The most multifunction and expensive sex dolls and sex toys for men are made of latex. Women also can enjoy male sex dolls.

Using various discount adult toys, you will be satisfied in full, dressing something erotic and comfortable.

Sexy lingerie allows you to become utterly absorbed into sex game and to imagine. There are women who feel excitement just looking at guy in sexy thongs. Different corsets and belts can also hide some defects.

So, just try it and experience something new!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The truth about erotic dreams

Erotic dreams often cause anxiety to people, especially if dreaming they do something they would never do in reality. Why it happens? Dream is the reflection of the processes, which take place everyday in our subconsciousness.

The same is about sex – one of the strongest engines of our life. There is nothing surprising in dreams about sex. We dream about sex in different forms and symbols. For instance men dream about following symbols: different tunnels, hills and mountains.

Women also dream about phallic symbols, such as cigars, water, rockets, towers and other raised buildings. Sexual dreams in images and symbols come basically to people with too many hang-ups. That’s why if you dream about sex or about sex toys, you shouldn’t worry – you don’t have complex in this respect. Is it possible to reach orgasm sleeping?

The answer is yes. Men reach orgasm more often than women do. But as they grow older, dreams about sex become a rare event. Men should not worry about ejaculation during sleep. It is natural hormonal process. This is not harmful for the organism and it is not the sign of abnormality.

Sometimes, we dream about somebody in love. It’s not right to say that such dreams have sexual implication, but they leave the feeling of the affection towards the image from dream.

Dreams about love have their own meaning: maybe you have some problems in your personal life. In any case, dreams and reality are different things. Enjoy the life and sleep well!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Vibrator - women's best friend

When noticing a circular-shaped sex toy, many of you presuppose that the very device is thought out to be inserted within a woman's body, in her vagina. Confining yourself to thinking this way, you don't hit it!

Vibrators or vibes are more effective when it comes to using them for external stimulation and namely for clitoral canoodling. However, the less effective G-spot vibrator delivers great sensations to many-many women. Its slightly curved shape guarantees a better location and fondling of a woman's hidden, sensuous spot.

A multi speed vibe endowed with a fancy clitoral attachment is a great orgasmatron for lots of enthusiastic ladies. This sex toy is aimed to simultaneously pamper her minuscule yet sensible clitoris and generously cram the tight, dark opening.

More often, the interchangeable clit teaser strikes by its eccentric shape and texture. It may depict the figure of dinky frog, a bunny's playful ears, beaver's nose or a teddy bear's paws.

When speaking about vibrating devices it is worthy to mention about the so-famous plastic “eggs”. They are connected via a wire to power pack and are endowed with speed control device. These discreet sex toy is meant to be inserted within a woman's vagina for internal stimulation.

You may ask your partner to simultaneously canoodle your clitoris with his tongue or fingers for added excitement. Or you may use one more vibe for pleasing your external erogenous zones while the egg will powerfully vibrate inside.

It remains for me to add that soon vibrators will become a woman's best friend. Cheers to them and the ingenious females who have the courage to explore and try them out!